Handmade Wooden Marble Runs

We make unique handmade wooden marble runs for outdoor events and play. They are designed to be suspended from ropes or branches.

Or you can build them from the ground up. You can trail them down the beach, you can balance them as you make connections and see where gravity takes you. Learn a couple of knots and you can have them winding around your favourite tree.


Still Here

Nov 12

It's been quiet for a while, but we're still here and busy plotting stuff to do and work on for the immediate future.

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Pam and Pete's Wedding

Nov 11

To celebrate the impending nuptials of Pam and Pete, we will be building a mega large run around an ancient tree to entertain the kids and the immature adults.

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For Hire

We can bring the marble run as an installation to events across the UK. We will nee a site visit to assess the scale and budget for your event.

Prices start from £500

Or you can hire the kits to build the marble run yourself.

Prices start from £100